Mary Magdaline

Mdm Thomas Mary Magdaline

I, Thomas Mary Magdaline, was in the teaching service for 33 years and retired at the end of December 2016. Over the years my varied experiences have helped me develop professionally. The details of my experiences are given below;

NIE Trained teacher since 1983, Mathematics Co-ordinator at Si Ling Primary School (1991 to 1996) Level Head Mathematics at Si Ling Primary School (1997 – 1999), Subject Head Mathematics at Yew Tee Primary (2000 – 2002), Senior Teacher at West View Primary (2005 to 2008), Senior Teacher Mathematics at Punggol Primary (2009 to 2012), Senior Teacher Mathematics at Yumin Primary (2013 to date), ICAN Programme Cluster Mathematics Mentor at Sengkang Primary (2014); E3 Cluster Resource Person (2015), School Mathematics Mentor at Yumin Primary (2016) Networked Learning Community for Cluster Mathematics Mentor (2016)

The experiences in the leadership and teaching tracks as well as my own content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge of Mathematics has helped me to be a mentor for teachers in the school. I am currently pursuing a BA English Language with Psychology degree with SUSS (formerly Unisim) for my personal development.

I have gained a diverse range of competencies and have the confidence and ability to take up new challenges in my post retirement years.

Thomas Mary Magdaline