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Sreedharen Sasidharen

I, Sreedharen Sasidharen, was in the teaching service for 37 years and retired at the end of December 2016. Over the years my experiences have helped to develop personally and professionally. The details of my experience are shown below:

Teacher in Training with Institute of Education (1979 to 1981), Trained teacher since 1981, School Sports Secretary (1981 to 1990), Discipline Master (1984 to 1990), Head of Department PE/CCA (1991 to 1994), Head of Department Mathematics (1991 to 1999), Head of Department Information and Communication – ICT (2000 to 2007), MOE Educational Technology Officer (2008 to 2011), In charge of Twinning Programme for Youth Olympic games 2010, Leader of By(i)TES Assessment tool & By(i)TES online tool at MOE/ETD, School Staff Developer and staff Welfare Adviser (2012 to 2016), Damai New School Building Executive Committee member (2015 to 2016).

The experience in the leadership track heading various departments in schools and further development as a Ministry of Education (MOE) officer of Educational Technology Division (ETD), I oversaw ICT implementation in Singapore schools in the North Cluster, as given me greater confidence to be a trainer of school teachers. From 2010 to 2011, as an officer with MOE ETD I was in charge of BY(i)TES team that launched the By(i)TES 3.0 tool for benchmarking the ICT implementation in school across Singapore, together with the online version of the same tool. The team also supported the launch of the tool with a series of workshops for school key personnel across the island in 2011.

I have further upgraded my skills by receiving training in the following areas from the United States (US); Understanding by Design (UbD), Differentiated Instruction (DI), Blended Learning (Flipped Classroom), Enhancing Teaching with Technology. I am able to offer these trainings to schools to develop the teachers’ pedagogical skills, under the TPACK framework by Matthew J Koehler & Punya Mishra, Michigan State University